Better Marriage Bootcamp

What's Included:

The Better Marriage Bootcamp is packed with resources designed to help you take your marriage off of cruise control.  It is 12 weeks of curriculum complete with video teaching sessions and guided discussions from Pastors Ken and Tabatha Claytor, hosts of the popular Youtube channel Doing Life with Ken and Tabatha. 

On this journey, you will learn and grow in areas such as 

  • The Art of Communication
  • Marriage Toxins
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • His Needs & Her Needs
  • Sex and Romance
  • ... and more!

Plus!  As a special bonus, FREE, with your paid subscription, we will add a curated marriage toolkit to enhance the video content, that includes:

  • 90 Day Better Marriage Devotional (e-book)
  • Marriage Resources, including a sample family meeting template, and more!

$395.00 USD